Translating Spring Fashion Trends 2018 from the Runway to Girls Fashion

Translating Spring Fashion Trends 2018 from the Runway to Girls Fashion

How many times do we get everyone ready in our family, look at the clock, and realize we only have 15 minutes to glamorize ourselves? Our kids are ready for the runway and we look like we are making a late-night grocery run.

Admit it, our daughters are little fashionistas. In my case, my nine-year-old daughter cares way more about being on trend than I do.

To get her closet ready for spring, I am going to highlight spring trends in this week’s blog. Load her closet with the coolest trends, so she can grab-and-go, and hopefully, we can squeak out a few more minutes for mom!

Straight from the runways of New York…according to Harper’s Bazaar and fashion bloggers…here are 5 hot spring trends that can easily transition from the runway to your special girl’s closet.

1. Floral Prints

Last January, my best friend asked me if I would like to accompany her on a trip to Ireland. We would be leaving in three weeks. My answer, “Have passport, will travel.” I love traveling overseas and I love my bestie! On a cold, rainy day in Dublin we came across this amazing flower market.


It was beautiful! This market immediately put a pep in our step, promising spring was just around the corner. Floral patterns for spring will also put some needed pep in her closet. Nothing says spring like beautiful floral patterns in an array of bright colors. At LaBella Flora, we love floral! I don’t know about you, but I am ready for spring. I am ready to say goodbye to my Ugg boots and cardigans, although I do love my cardigans. Nothing says spring like a new floral dress. My favorite trend for spring…FLORAL. Here’s a little floral inspiration.

florals board

Hannah Banana’s Spring Collection has lots of floral designs for big and little girls. Our customer’s also love Five Loaves Two Fishes rose dress, a great option for Valentines Day too. Floral prints aren’t just for dresses, Kate Mack and several other swimwear designers have incorporated floral patterns into their spring collections. We also are seeing embroidered floral patterns on dresses and tops for spring.

2. Americana

No matter what our political affiliation, I think one thing we can agree on is that living in the United States is a blessing. Fashion designers seem to agree and infused some good ole’ red, white, and blue into their runway collections. Americana fashion isn’t just for July 4th. It’s a year-round statement. It’s as charming as cherry pie and homemade lemonade and needs to be in her closet this spring.


What says Americana better than a classic plaid shirt? There is nothing basic about this plaid top from Dex with embroidered sunglasses, rainbow, and love – great for layering in varying temps this spring. Pair it down with a great pair of jeans and gym shoes or dress it up with white capris and flats. Heading on a cruise or spring break at the beach? Check out Flowers by Zoe. Their spring line is full of cool Americana pieces ready to be packed in her suitcase, just add flip flops. Is their swimming in her future? Isobella and Chloe’s new swimwear has an Americana punch.

3. Denim

Denim made a big splash on New York runways and European runways. Designers love denim for Spring 2018! Designers paired denim jeans with fancy tops and casual tops. BUT, denim isn’t just for jeans, denim was was the foundation for tops, skirts, and formal dresses…designers just couldn’t get enough of it. I will have to say I love denim, as seen in this picture from 1998 with my oldest daughter, nieces, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and husband. Obviously, we all loved denim. I am the pregnant blonde in my denim maternity dress.

FullSizeRender (12)

Yes, denim was hot in the late 90s. And it is hot again, denim is on-trend for spring.

denim trend

Denim is such a great transitional element to add to her wardrobe this spring. This vest and lace skirt can be worn with a black long sleeve tee and leggings, now, or with a tank and shorts this spring and summer. Same can be said for Flowers by Zoe’s dress and top, both easily worn with a cardigan on cool evenings and great for layering. Imagine this skirt from PPLA worn with a cute sweater and tall boots this winter. In the spring, pair it with a cute tank and flip flops. Denim is a staple in all of our wardrobes because it is so versatile. It will always be in style.

4. Lavender

My oldest daughter loved lavender, but it was a hard color to find when she was little. I am excited that lavender is making a comeback and seems to be easier to find this season, even for little girls who love this gorgeous shade of purple.

lavender trend

Serendipity’s Lavender Field’s collection is a great way to infuse lavender into her wardrobe this spring. Serendipity is fast growing in it’s popularity, customers are preordering this line to make sure they get their favorite pieces. Giggle Moon’s Lemon Love Set has a nice balance of purple paired with green and yellow. A layer of lemon covered fabric finishes off this sweet set for spring. Serendipity and Giggle Moon can be preordered with a 25% deposit. Once your items arrive we will automatically send you an invoice with the balance due.

Katie Rose is our top designer for heirloom baby gowns, loved by our customers. This purple gown is even prettier in person, one of my favorites. Each gown comes with a delicate bonnet; in addition, coordinating blankets and socks are also available. These gowns are a wonderful gift for that special baby girl in your life and were feature in our blog, Our Favorite Unique Baby Gifts for Girls.

5. Last but not LEAST…PINK.

If you know us at LaBella Flora, you know we love pink. There is just something magical about pink. Pink immediately takes you to all things sweet, playful, and feminine. It is the universal color of love. It takes you to childhood memories of cotton candy, flowers, bubble gum…everything yummy. It is also a flattering color, there is a shade of pink that looks magical on everyone. So springing into spring wearing pink…we say YES!

pink trend

Lemon Loves Lime’s bright pink dress is a standout this spring! Made of comfy cotton this is the perfect dress to take on vacation, cute and sassy all rolled up in one. If your daughter is like mine, swimsuits are on her must-have list for spring. They did not survive last year’s fun in the pool and on the beach. Kate Mack is a go-to for our customers. The multi shades of pink in this swimsuit will be a hit with your beach bum this spring.

Every baby girl needs a pink outfit, Katie Rose is a great way to start her wardrobe. This featured outfit is a great take home outfit.

Fashion is fun! There are so many fun trends this season, we know we have everything needed to cheer up her wardrobe just in time for spring. Visit for more options.

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