Today is National Pink Day

Today is National Pink Day

Here at LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique, we sell Beautiful Clothing Just for Girls. When you walk through our doors you will see pink – pink clothes, pink flowers, pink accessories, pink folders, pink staplers, lots of pink. We love all things girly and pretty, so how could we resist celebrating National Pink Day. Pink is feminine and romantic. Unlike red that represents passion, pink represents innocence, warmth, and comfort. Pink takes us back to our childhood. It tells us everything is ok and right with the world.

Little girls love pink. A couple weeks ago, I was cleaning up after my five year old daughter. Out of the hundreds of crayons spread all over of the floor, she had only pulled out shades of pink and only colored with them. It made me smile, so I took a picture to show her big sister.

photo (1)

Whether you are wearing it, eating it, or drinking it, everything is better when it is pink.. So lets celebrate it with a few perfectly pink LaBella Flora options.

When my girls were babies, I loved putting them in pastel pink. How I would have loved those first pictures to be in this Bebemonde Fancy Gown.

bebemonde-infant-pink-fancy-gown-with-headband-1 (1)

My five year old demands to be in pink, yes demands. She is a little spunky. The pinker and fluffier the better. This Party Dress by Ooh La La Couture will fulfill any little girls’ need to be silly and girly. The perfect dress for twirling, not to mention the yummy tulle ruffles look like cotton candy.


Don’t forget your big girl, even tweens like to feel pretty in pink. They’ll love the trendy neon color and modern pattern of Flower’s by Zoe’s skirt set.


Take some time today and embrace your inner child, enjoy something pink.

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