Tips for creating a Facebook Cover Photo

Hey, Internet! My name is Matt and I’m the new graphics/photo guy here at LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique. I’m also the only guy at LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique, as Katie mentioned last week. But, that’s probably a subject for a whole different blog post! Today I want to talk about things to look out for when you’re creating a facebook cover photo for your company or personal page.

1. Before you do anything else, you should determine the dimensions of the image you plan to upload. Facebook graciously provides that information in their help section. Images should be 815 pixels wide by 315 tall. You can upload an image as small as 399 pixels wide, but keep in mind the image will stretch to cover the designated area.

2. You’ll also want to make sure that your image is less than 100 kilobytes. Facebook will accept larger file sizes, but will compress the image to prevent long page load times. This results in a huge quality difference between the image you see in your graphics program and your cover photo.

3. Be certain that your image is saved as RGB. This goes for pretty much anything you plan to post on the web. But, it’s a simple step that can sometimes be overlooked.

4. If you are having a hard time getting a clear and uncompressed look from your uploaded image, consider taking it back into your graphics program and pulling back your red levels just a bit. There seems to be a general consensus that Facebook compression doesn’t handle reds very well. So, this could be the solution to your problem.

I know I was a little uninformed when I first set out to create our current cover photo, so hopefully you’ll find these tips useful in your effort to create a cool cover for yourself!


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