The Social Side of LaBella Flora

The Social Side of LaBella Flora

Soccer practice and Superman.

You wouldn’t assume those would be the things that come to mind when looking at a blog for a little girl’s boutique, but those items are ingrained in my brain when it comes to my kids. My name is Cassidy, and I’m the new Social Media Associate here at LaBella Flora. Having 2 little boys, you wouldn’t think I would fit the bill. However considering that my favorite color is glitter and my favorite hair accessory is a flower that may help persuade you a bit. I’m a southern girl at heart, born and raised in North Carolina where my mother made sure that I had 12 colors of frilly socks to match each and every dress. I spent most of my adult life living in beautiful Savannah, Georgia where I went to design school and we started our family. Now we live here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Though I’ve always wanted a girl, we managed to get 2 crazy little boys so now I can get my little girl fix here at LaBella Flora 🙂


Here’s a picture of me and my oldest little guy, Mason.

Though there are still frilly socks on the market now days, there are so many more oh-so-girly things here at LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique! My first day pick is definitely going to be the Persnickety Rose Tunic. I love the fun pattern and the swing style, perfect for playing and definitely for those hot summer days!


And what to pair it with? If you aren’t a fan of the stripes, try the always fun Persnickety Black Triple Ruffle Leggings… and to top it all off? A Persnickety Sally Tie Headband (which is on Pre-Order along with some more adorable items here!)


Now that there’s a face behind the name, feel free to send us pictures of your little cuties either on our facebook, twitter or email me at

I look forward to the future of the social side of LaBella Flora, and I hope you do too!

xoxo Cassidy

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