The Mustard Pie Challenge

So, we looked at Mustard Pie one day and their bright colors and extravagant patterns, and wondered……is it possible to mix and match with Mustard Pie? Looking at their wonderful and delightfully unique patterns, its hard to imagine pairing them with anything other than that specific collection of Mustard Pie, let alone any other brand! But we thought, why not? Let’s try a Mustard Pie challenge!

In order to do this, we decided to pick an item from Mustard Pie that was one of the most popular. And of course, an item that works well with many different other types of items, so we picked the Pixie Pant Fruity for Girls!

Their unique patterns make it difficult to match one Mustard Pie collection with an item from another Mustard Pie collection. But we think the Rowan Tank in Aqua Mint works perfectly. The small polka dot print is well suited for the large and medium patterns of the pants.mustard pie 4

The next item we found that we thought looked great with the pants was this Persnickety Clothing Cream Lola Top! The ruffles fit in excellently with Mustard Pie’s fabulous style and we added a Mustard Pie Chevron Stella Cardigan (also from a different collection) to complete the outfit.mustard pie 1

Last but not least, we found Lemon Loves Lime’s Little Girls Top in Aqua was another perfect combination with the Mustard Pie pants. Again, the ruffles fit well with Mustard Pie’s style and the one color on top brings out the charming motifs of the pants all the more.mustard pie2This is not the end of our Mustard Pie challenge. We want to keep seeing what fun new outfits we can create with our beloved Mustard Pie. Follow our blog to keep up with the rest of the challenge!

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