The Hunt for the Perfect Purse

There is a marvelous tradition that happens every year around this time in the city of Fort Wayne, IN. Any avid Vera Bradley lovers may know exactly what I am referring to. One of my favorite benefits to living in the small town of Auburn, IN is being able to make the short trip to the annual Vera Bradley Outlet Sale that is held at the Coliseum. Thousands upon thousands of women (and some of their husbands) flock to get their hands on gorgeous bags priced 50% off, sometimes even more. Armed with my ID, a good friend, and a mental idea of exactly what I was looking for, I woke up a little early on Saturday morning to spend a few hours in this giant sale. We parked and made it inside the building around 9:45 AM and proceeded to stand in a very long line for half an hour. Due to fire marshall law, the large expo room holding the sale cannot hold more than 3,500 (you heard me right) people at one time, which means that after every 30 minutes to an hour, they would estimate how many people they had lost and let in more of the deal crazed ladies. Thankfully they had equipped us with a diagram picturing which kinds of products were located in fact section and we had devised a great plan of attack.

They opened up the large doors, and we were on the hunt! Top on my list was a bag to carry around my Macbook and work papers and a new duffle bag, while one of my best friends Jocelyn was looking for two new diaper bags, and some purses for her and her mother. Spending just over an hour in the large expo room, I had successfully found my new work bag and an extra large duffle, as well as some beautiful folders to help keep me organized! Thankfully our time spent in the checkout line was only 20 minutes (it has been known to be 4 hours long before) and we were out of there by noon!

There is something so satisfying about finding exactly what you were looking for on a shopping trip, but I hope visiting our site is not as chaotic as a large room filled with product piled on tables. We love to hear how we can make your shopping experience better, because we understand how frustrating some shopping trips can be. If you ever have any questions about an order, sizing, or a brand, we would love to help you out! Simply email us through the “Contact Us” Link or give us a call at 260-927-9951.


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