The Father Daughter Connection

When a girl puts on a new dress, her first instinct is to show it off. She runs off to find someone to tell her how good she looks in the dress. Girls revel in this moment. But, as much as it feels wonderful to be praised by their mothers, sisters, friends, and anyone else who was nearby to see it, there is one person in particular whose praise wells up an indescribable glow of satisfaction and assurance of their loveliness. Whose praise is more important than all the others and they cherish it the most. They look to their father for the ultimate determination of their loveliness.

This is part of the reason why fathers and daughters have such a special relationship. How a father perceives her is often how a girl perceives herself. Girls love opportunities of dates with their dad and going to father/daughter dances simply because of the chance to dress up for their dad and once again make absolutely sure they’re breathtaking. There is nothing like dressing up for your dad and watching his eyes sparkle at the sight of you in your new dress. Mothers can be a part of this moment by helping her daughter dress to make the father light up.

These three dresses are sure to light up a fathers face. They’re elegant, fun, and modest. As Coco Chanel said, “Adornment, what a science! Beauty, what a weapon! Modesty, what elegance!”

This Elisa B dress provides sophistication with its deep blue and folds. The gems on the shoulders bring a touch of flair.


This dress by Susanne Lively Designs, is bright and lively with its yellow polka dot print and is a classic with its vintage styled bodice and skirt. The bow adds an extra boost of fun.susanne-lively-designs-polka-dot-dress-gray-and-yellow-1 Un Deux Trois created this classy dress with its flared skirt and deep blue. The gems around the wide neckline add a touch of glamour. un-deux-trois-girls-special-occasion-dress-cobalt-blue-1Will her father’s eyes sparkle this time or not?

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