Thanksgiving in Style

It seems like every year we see a small frenzy around Halloween, a short burst of excitement over costumes and candy, directly followed by Christmas lights and decorations. Slowly and slowly each year I see people wishing to rush through fall to get to the end of the year faster. I must admit that this breaks my heart because I think that fall is filled with so many wonderful things that go by way too quickly. It seems as though everyone is happy to skip forward to winter before we have even planned out Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving is a day that I hold very close to my heart. Each year our family celebration looks a little different, but I don’t mind as long as the most important pieces are in place: a loving family enjoying time together and a grateful heart that recognizes blessings received. I am thankful for that wonderful relationships that grace my life and help me grow a little each day. I am thankful for the ability to attend a university. I am thankful for a warm house filled with love. I am thankful for the hands that help pick me up when I’ve fallen down. I am thankful for the way fall not only encourages, but almost demands that we take a moment to share our warmth and love.

In resistance to the abundant displays that imply cheer is only for Christmas, I would love to share a few dresses that are sure to fit with any celebrations you have planned for Thanksgiving. May they speak to the warmth and love of the season! Be sure to comment below with your thoughts about the dresses or the season! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Pictured below is a classic color combination that screams Thanksgiving. This fabulous Giggle Moon Harvest Party dress is filled with unique patterns in orange featuring a fun splash of lime. This colorful outfit is sure to add a vibrant excitement to your get-together!

Giggle Moon Dresses

Changing to a softer color palette, the following gem comes from designer Biscotti Dress. The soft rose pink shimmers in the light and features a dreamy fairy hem skirt.

Biscotti Girls Holiday Dress

Last but not least, this has been one of the most popular styles throughout this year and it will find its place this fall and winter as well! The designer of this dress is the fabulous Ooh La La Couture. The ivory fits any occasion while a punch of pink at the waist. Finished off with sparkling sequins and fancy tulle, this gown is fit for a princess!

Ooh La La Wow Dreams Dress

May the rest of your fall season be filled with family, love, and cheer!

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