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With the second Sunday of May approaching quickly, I cannot help but get caught up in the nostalgic memories of hand making cards and helping dad pick out the perfect arrangements of colorful flowers. Mother’s Day holds so many fond traditions for me. Every year my dad would drive my siblings and I to the quaint flower shop found around the town square called “The Sprinkling Can.” Traveling through the aromatic garden (that seemed so large when I was younger) we would head to the back of the shop. I (being the one who cared the most) would gaze wide-eyed at all the gorgeous arrangements and select one for each grandmother and one for my mom.
When that Sunday finally came, we would collaborate in the kitchen to create a scrumptious breakfast to serve mom in bed complete with handmade cards. To cap off the day we would go out to eat with the whole family, all dressed up. I loved feeling so pretty in a colorful dress, creating such a powerful memory that will not fade with time.
With this undying feeling, it is no wonder why I “ooh” and “awww” over the beautiful designer girls dresses as I find a way (often falling short) to describe what makes each one so wonderful. One of my favorites comes from the Biscotti Spring 2012 line. This Girls Dress Sweet and Sassy Pink Ruffles is sure to make wonderful memories for any young girl. With an elegant fabric and style and a touch of attitude it is sure to do any special occasion justice, be it Mother’s Day, graduations, or a family wedding
❤ Katie
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