Prom with Reena

Remember Reena?

Reenapromblog1Recently her sister got ready and went to prom, and Reena, being the princess she is, was very interested in the whole affair. This is her mother’s description of it:

When you are 5 and your sister is 17, you think your sister is a rock star and want to do everything she does. So at the arrival of prom season, Reena was really excited about her big sister’s search for a dress. When the right prom dress was finally found, Reena’s sister, Camden, put the dress on and called her little sister into her room. Out of character for Reena, she didn’t seem all that interested. Normally there are oohs and aahs and a “you look beautiful, Den-Den (her nickname for her sister).” Instead, Reena gave Camden a not-so-excited smile, followed by “I wish I was going to prom.” Consequently, I threw out the idea of Reena dressing up for prom too. Both girls loved the idea. Since I work at LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique, finding the perfect dress and accessories for Reena was easy.


We selected Ooh La La Couture’s Swarovski Devin Dress in Ivory paired it with Joyfolie’s Lilac Isabell Wedge and a headband designed for and soon to be sold by LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique. The ivory color and the golden Swarovski crystals on the Ooh La La Couture dress looked beautiful with the prom dress and the glittery heals of the Joyfolie shoes were a perfect match with Camden’s glittery heals.


It was a magical day filled with wonderful memories for all. My favorite moment of the night was when Reena told Camden’s boyfriend that he looked like a Prince. . .then about 30 seconds later said, “or a waiter.”

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