Flower Girl Dresses: How to Pick out the Perfect Dress for Your Flower Girl

Flower Girl Dresses: How to Pick out the Perfect Dress for Your Flower Girl

It is a little hard for me to believe that wedding season has come around again. Spring is here and that means weekends are filled with bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and, of course, weddings! It is a very exciting time in life to plan your wedding. I was just married last January and can still remember the magic of every small decision. All though it all came together in the end, thinking about all of the choices I had to make could be overwhelming at times (especially since we had about 4 months to plan). If you have a wedding binder filled with all of your tasks, take it out and let’s get down to business: picking out a flower girl dress.

There are several different ways to approach your flower girl. Do you like when the flower girl looks a lot like the bride? Do you like having the flower girl in a new pop of color other than the bride and bridesmaids? What about matching the bridesmaids? There are many ways to coordinate her outfit, and none of them are wrong. Remember, this is your wedding day. Whatever you like best, that’s what you should go with. Your guests will be more focused on the overall feel of the wedding, created by the love you share with your groom-to-be. Trust me, no matter what she’s wearing, as soon as she comes down the aisle with the petals (or without petals) a community “awww” will be immediate.

Biscotti DressMy flower girls were dressed for their comfort and to match me. This means that I chose to have ivory dresses. If this is the route you want to take, we adore Biscotti Dress and their adorable and timeless styles. I will admit that this made accessorizing a little difficult. There are so many shades of white/ivory out there! We were lucky to find the perfect little sweaters (Indiana January’s are cold!) and simple pearl necklaces were a beautiful match. My nieces loved having this special jewelry, especially the older one who had recently gotten her ears pierced! On the wedding day, both little girls loved seeing that I was wearing the same color dress AND similar jewelry, it made them feel so special.

Another fabulous option is to pick something that is unique, 2but within or matching your color scheme. The first thing I thought when I saw this Tutu Du Monde dress was “wow! That would look unbelievable at a wedding!” This brand is no stranger to reactions like this. It is one of the most luxurious and expensive brands that we currently carry. There is good reason for the price. All of these designs are imported from Australia. And they are filled with gorgeous details that do not come cheap. Anyways, sorry for the small bunny trail (I’m obsessed with this dress). Finding something that suits her and makes her stand out is another sure fire way to make her feel like a princess. Boast of the frills, the different color, the small details, or anything in front of her and she will be beaming from ear to ear!

The one thing that I encourage you to remember most is that even though this is your day, your little flower girl looks up to you. She will love your beautiful gown, your finished make up, your fancy hairstyle and especially the jewelry. It takes just a small ounce of energy to make her feel as special as she is. Love on her and make sure to thank her for all of her help making your wedding day perfect. If your flower girl is a little older than mine, you could even show her what color her dress needs to be and then ask her to help you look! What a fun and priceless memory for both you and her in the years to come. If you already have a dress picked out, share it below! We want to know how your flower girl will dress/dressed on the big day!

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