Memorial Day Approaches

This coming weekend is sure to be filled with barbecues, boats, and American flags. Memorial Day is the perfect time to get together with family and friends and just enjoy each other’ company. I believe my favorite Memorial Day memory comes from a trip to the ball park. The Fort Wayne, IN Tincaps (used to be called Wizards) would always have fireworks shooting off after the game. Being so young, I remember thinking that the tunnel leading to the ball park was magical, like it held the properties of a portal. Walking in to the stadium, you certainly could not miss out on ball park franks and drinks, and who was able to go a whole game without one of those ridiculous foam fingers!? Although a new park has been built and that “magical portal” no longer exists, the memories still remain. Whether you are going to a game, boating on the lake, or simply grilling with family, make sure to make it one the kids will have for a life time!



Whatever the plan, we are sure to have an outfit that will blow everyone away! From swimsuits to dresses, don’t let Memorial Day pass without style!





Outfits shown above include:

“Little Girls Dress in Stripes with White Tulle Skirt” by Designer Stella (sailing stripes)

“Girls Tankini Red Polka Dots Print” by Designer Planet Sea (swimming away)

“Little Girls Summer Dress White Belle” by Designer Eliane Et Lena (Hampton retreat)

“Cherry Tart Girls Summer Dress Blue” by Designer Kate Mack (American classic)


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