Marvelous Mim Pi

The spirit of a little girl is an adventurous, excited, curious spirit full of delight in the world. She looks at the world and finds that it is something to explore and discover brand new delights and marvelous wonders. These marvels could be as small as a flower, or as grandiose as the dreaded daddy dragon who chases the little princess around his house! A little girl’s spirit is indeed a precious thing, and because of that, many artists and designers attempt to capture that life in their art. Mim Pi is one such marvelous brand that has managed to match the designs of their clothes with the spirit of a such a little girl!

You can see the typical excited-ness that pervades Mim Pi’s creations in this tank top. The vivid colors boast of life and enjoyment! Such a tank top would give her room and freedom on her numerous escapades. 😀


This summer dress encourages confidence and a positive outlook on life. It would be hard for her to not be joyful with such an enthusiastic and happy outfit! 😀 It encourages her to dance, leap, and have fun, enjoying her various exploits.mim-pi-girls-summer-dress-in-white-1

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