Lovely Whimsical Shoes From Livie And Luca

Lovely Whimsical Shoes From Livie And Luca

Every parent knows that shoes are the most important part of a child’s outfit. In fact, if you ask new parents livie and luca mulberry patent leather shoesthey’ll probably tell you that shoes were one of the first pieces of clothing they bought for their new baby. It’s not just because they are crucial to the outfit either. We buy shoes for our little ones because the fact that they are so teeny tiny is absolutely adorable. Of course, we want more from the shoes we buy our little ones than just a fun style. We also want them to be comfortable and durable. Luckily, new designs by Livie and Luca tick all of these boxes.

Let’s look at the style first. The style of Livie and Luca boots and shoes seems to explore and replicate a child’s innocence and whimsy. The fun colors and creative designs are, quite simply childlike. If kids were designing shoes, we think this is how they’d look and that’s definitely a compliment. These shoes are perfect for little ones and will complete almost any outfit that you choose to dress them in. For instance, the Tiempo Boots for girls will look great with a frilly dress. Or how about sweet, silver petal sandals for those summer months of playing in the grass? There’s a whole variety of wonderful possibilities to choose from when completing an outfit with the perfect footwear.

Of course, style isn’t everything and we want the shoes we buy our children to be comfortable. Well, Livie and Luca certainly deliver on that promise. These hand made, lush leather shoes keep girl’s feet protected and comfortable. They feel cozy and you can tell that a lot of work has gone into ensuring that these shows feel as good as they look. Livie and Luca clearly know how much little ones love running around and playing, filled with energy. That’s why they have created shoes designed to fit this need.

Latest Styles

Some of the latest styles offered by Livie and Luca include long leather, suede boots for girls. The minimalist design of these boots certainly contrasts livie and luca leather shoes for girls in gray preorderwith the typical bright and funky colors of the footwear that these designers make. However, that’s no bad thing because these boots will be perfect for winter months. Even if the weather is frightful your little one’s feet will stay warm. Better yet, they will look like a dear darling when you add these boots to any winter outfit.

Livie and Luca’s mission statement is to ‘celebrate and support the joyful essence of children.’ When you start to look at their designs we think you’ll agree the spirit of this idea is always present in the creations.

Just look at the Bright Nova Sandals as an example of this with a beautiful shooting star stitched onto the toe. Livie and Luca really have delved into the mindset of children and created shoes that they love. Purely because the designs are based on ideas we’re sure little ones would choose for their own shoe creations.

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