It's Tutu Du Monday! Enchanting Elsa, Ariel, and Sophia the First Dresses

It's Tutu Du Monday! Enchanting Elsa, Ariel, and Sophia the First Dresses

Plastic heels, sunglasses and as many necklaces on as she can find… sound familiar? Every little girl wants to be a princess (ahem, is a princess), and at LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique we’ve got the perfect dresses to make it happen. As the new Tutu Du Monde dresses were arriving, we found ourselves with quite a debate going on as to which dress went with which princess. So how else do we decide? With your help of course!

The first princess dress we have is Miss Elsa. With the icy blue color and beaded details there will be no mistake as to who your LaBella Cutie’s fashion inspiration is! Though it could also be Cinderella if we want to take it back to a more traditional princesses…

Elsa Princess Dress for Girls

Next on the list is a toss up. While I am quite partial to Rapunzel (Tangled is my favorite!) others say this may be a Sophia the First ensemble. What’s your pick? You can be the tie-breaker! The satin and tulle rosettes with beaded details most definitely set this dress apart from the rest.

Girls princess dress rapunzel sophia the first

Last and most definitely not least is Ariel. This teal sequin scalloped dress really does scream “under the sea.” It even makes sense that it’s not as full of a skirt… A ball gown would be pretty hard to swim around in wouldn’t it?

disney princess dress ariel

So which princess would your little one be if she had the choice? I don’t know about you, but I still love playing dress up! These would be perfect special occasion dresses whether it be a pageant, recital or birthday.

xoxo Cassidy

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