Irish Charm

The fact that my granddaddy was Irish, born to Irish immigrants, is not the only reason why anything Irish captivates me. Ireland always seemed more full of magic, more fantastical, than elsewhere. All those stories of leprechauns and faeries fascinated me. 😀 Then there’s the beauty of the country itself. The green hills, the tall cliffs–all boasting of lonely splendor. And let’s not forget, the sound that delights all who hear it–the Irish accent. 😉

Originally this holiday was created to celebrate the life of a great man who saved many, bringing them to eternal glory with the Lord, and some still celebrate that, but mostly its about celebrating Ireland. And what better way to celebrate the Emerald Isle than to wear a bit of green ourselves?

This spring dress from Isobella and Chloe is just perfect to wear on St. Patrick’s Day. 🙂 Who said you need to wear dark green? This light and brightly colored dress with its ruffled skirt will make her look as lively and mischievous as an Irish Faerie.

Don’t want to wear solid green? No problem! This Persnickety jacket provides just the right touch of green with plenty of yellow to excite the eyes.persnickety-julie-tartan-plaid-jacket-19

Don’t forget your tween! This Truly Me mint dress will help your tween stand out amongst the ocean of green you’ll see on St. Patrick’s day. The light, airy design will contrast with stronger greens that you’ll see out and about that day.truly-me-mint-dress-for-tweens-1It was always fun growing up making sure I and everybody else wore green on St. Patrick’s Day. I hated those years I forgot and I got pinched. 🙁 Will your little girl get pinched this year? 😉

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