Introducing Mayoral (With Something for Everyone!)

Introducing Mayoral (With Something for Everyone!)

If you have subscribed to our company newsletter, than you may have seen a new brand pop up in a few of them. We are so excited to welcome Mayoral to the LaBella Flora family! Our promise to you is that every brand we carry is filled with great quality as well as style. Mayoral is no exception to this rule! While we did carry several items during this past fall/winter season, I have decided it was time to tell you a little bit about this brand and give a formal introduction!


The Mayoral headquarter is found in Spain while Mayoral fashion can be found in over 70 different countries. This wide appeal is found in its tradition of quality. Not many of the brands we carry can boast of having over 75 years of experience in the business. That’s right, I didn’t make a typo. This brand initially started back in 1941!! With vast expansion made from first ventures of selling children’s socks and tights, Mayoral continues to update their styles and their business to better serve its customers. Many things have changed since 1941, and Mayoral embraces new technology that helps ensure their quality continues to survive. This company is impressive in just about any way you look at it. The continuously train their employees and are always at the ready to change with the consumer’s lifestyles.

Inspired by the newest trends, the design team of over 100 members continue to produce styles that we adore season after season. This season, you can find a little of everything. Looking for that darling girls romper? We have it. Looking for some infant sizes? We have those too. From staples and everyday layering pieces to that extra special dress, the Mayoral Spring 2017 collection has something for everyone.

Love when you find a brand that is consistent? Us too! Mayoral has been under the leadership of the same family since 1941 and you cannot manufacture that kind of pride. It’s this family pride that drives a great quality product for every customer. We feel sure that our customers will love Mayoral clothing because the same values found at the heart of the company in 1941 are still there today! Maintaining a strict guide for quality of fabrics, their designers travel around the world for only the best inspirations that help inform every piece. When you purchase a Mayoral piece, you purchase something filled with value and sophistication! We are now friends to Mayoral, and our hope is that you will become one too!

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