How to Find the Perfect Fit for Kids Shoes

How to Find the Perfect Fit for Kids Shoes

Here at LaBella Flora, we take shoes VERY seriously! Not only do we want your little girl’s shoes to be adorable at her every stage of development, but we also want them to be super comfortable and promote good growth and maturity of her little feet! The entire process of finding the perfect shoe fit for her little feet can be daunting and tedious, but in order to ensure that her feet have enough room to grow and be healthy while looking cute, it must be done! We have tons of fancy and fun styles of comfortable, durable, and well-fitting shoes that we know your daughters of any age will absolutely adore, but to help you find which size is the best, we’re going to give you some tips on how to find the perfect fit!

First, find shoes that are the appropriate length and width of her foot. You want to make sure that the shoes won’t give her blisters or calluses and that the shoes will give her feet enough room to grow. One way you can measure your child’s foot at home is by using a piece of paper to make the measurement. Place the piece of paper on a flat surface and line it up along the wall with the shortest side of the paper along the wall. Draw a line down the center of the piece of paper toward the wall. Place her heel on the paper so that it touches the wall and have her big toe centered with the line that you have drawn on the piece of paper. Mark where your child’s big toe falls on the line for each foot as one foot is often larger than the other. You want to make sure that the shoes you purchase end up fitting the largest of her feet most comfortably. Another good tip is to measure your child’s feet toward the end of the day as her foot will expand throughout the day and you will have the most accurate measurement when your foot is at its largest size. The measurement of her feet will also be most accurate when she is standing up straight as opposed to sitting or slouching. Her foot size is also liable to change every few months as her foot develops and grows. Be sure to measure her feet every few months to make sure her current shoes still fit properly and are not rubbing or causing issues with her feet that could be very difficult to resolve later!

When she tries on her shoes, have her stand and check the fit of the shoes when her foot is fully extended. You want to look for a bit of room between the edge of the shoe toe and the edge of her toes which should amount to about a half an inch of space. Make sure the heel of her shoes rest snugly but not tightly around the back of her heel as tight heels will cause discomfort but shoes that are too loose can also cause problems. We know that at the speed that children outgrow their shoes, it may be tempting to purchase larger shoes that she can “wear longer” but never buy shoes that are more than one size too large for her feet. Shoes that are too big can cause her to trip or develop foot problems as she tries to walk in a pair of shoes that are too large.

It is incredibly important that she wear shoes that are appropriate for her stage of development and what she will be using the shoe for. If she is still crawling, a pair of booties are perfect for keeping her little feet warm! Brown-baby-moccasins-with-bowWe love the new styles from brands like Coral Pear that create soft moccasins that are easy to put on and take off while staying super cozy on her dainty little feet! If she’s just beginning to walk, it is incredibly important that she wears a pair of shoes that will assist her in the walking process and not hinder it. It is also important that her shoes have a good grip on the ground, especially when she is first learning to walk. We suggest looking for a pair of shoes with a textured sole to make sure that she has the most traction while she is walking. 1aLivie and Luca is the perfect brand for girls just learning to walk and even older girls who have been walking for a few years! The brand strives to create shoes for each stage of development that cater to her growing feet to stimulate the healthy growth and maturity of her feet. Styles like the brand’s classic petal shoe are perfect for everyday or special occasion wear and they are super comfortable at any age! For older girls, style and comfort are incredibly important! little-girls-boots-in-brown-detailBrands like Old Soles create more mature looking styles that are still comfortable and suitable for her growing feet.

So measure your little girl’s feet and head over to LaBella Flora to find the perfect pair of shoes for her growing feet!

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