Girls Designer Clothes + Adorable Cuties = A Fun Day! (and funny outtakes!)

Girls Designer Clothes + Adorable Cuties = A Fun Day! (and funny outtakes!)

Well if you follow us on social media you know that we had a fun photo shoot last weekend, so we figured why not show you some adorable girls designer styles along with the outtakes to go with! We had such a good time with our LaBella Flora Cuties and they really rocked out some designer duds behind the scenes as well as on camera. Of course a couple of crying fits and temper tantrums accompanied the day, but in the end we got some amazing photos.

The first photo was meant to highlight some of our best selling girls boutique brands such as Mustard Pie, Persnickety, and Giggle Moon.

Outtake 1

As you can see on the right side, we used this in our email newsletter and on our home page as the featured graphic. On the left side, we tried to get little Lucy to sit on the chair or stand by the big girls, but she was not having it! She was just too darn cute.

Outtake 3

Here’s a much happier Lucy with her cousin Jada. On the left is the photo we used for social media and on the right we couldn’t resist but to show you how adorable she was kissing her baby cousin! Jada is wearing an adorable little sister version of the popular Lexi Dress from Persnickety’s Emerald Pine collection and Livie and Luca pink blossom shoes. Lucy is wearing a party dress from Giggle Moon’s Treasured Possession line with a LaBella Flora exclusive matching headband.

Outtake 2

And last but not least, the oh so cheesy smiles! It’s hard to get a little girl to give you a genuine smile sometimes unless you’re making them laugh. We made the mistake of saying “cheese!” and boy did she give us cheese! Ellington is wearing the Delphine Party Dress by Mustard Pie with a matching headband and Livie and Luca embossed leather shoes.

So what do you think? Do you love these candid shots as much as we do? Should we do more outtake posts in the future? Let us know with a comment below!

xoxo Cassidy

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