Father Daughter Dance for a Cause

Father Daughter Dance for a Cause

It’s Father Daughter Dance planning season in my house, so this week’s blog is going to be all about it. I love the underlying sweetness of father daughter dances. Why do I love father daughter dances so much?

  1. They create the most magical memories for girls.
  2. It’s a fun night for all.
  3. What better reason for a little girl to dress up like a princess than to celebrate the special bond with her dad?
  4. Little girls experience what it feels like to be treated with respect and love by the man they love most in this world.
  5. Most importantly, it is usually for a great cause!

Our church does an event every year to raise money for a great cause, we alternate each year between an event for fathers/daughters and mothers/sons. We also encourage uncles, cousins, and family friends to step in when dad can’t attend with his daughter. It’s a great night for all and great way for our kids to help raise some money for causes close to our hearts.

One of my youngest daughter’s favorite memories is the Father Daughter Dance she and my husband attended two years ago at our church. She loved every minute of it, from picking a dress, getting ready, the actual dance, to going to her then favorite restaurant, Panera Bread. She treasured her special night with dad and still talks about it.

stu and Reena

The Dress

For my daughter, the most important ingredient for a successful night with dad is the dress. She is 2 years older and her obsession for clothes is even stronger. My youngest daughter, Reena, is so easy. She is a people pleaser and is a rule follower. The only exception is clothes – she likes what she likes and you will not change her mind. Fortunately, she has a pretty good fashion sense; although, if she had her way she would dress for the runway everyday. It wouldn’t matter if she was headed to a party or a Walmart run…it’s a runway day.

My daughter selected a light blue dress from Ooh La La Couture, two years ago. This dress is no longer available, but Ooh La La Couture has a great variety of dresses this season with several dance worthy options! Reena has already been on LaBella Flora’s website looking at dresses and here are her top three picks for this year. I also included the reason’s behind Reena’s picks, because like your nine-year-old they will differ greatly from mom’s.

Pick One

Pick One
One of Reena’s favorite brands is Ooh La La Couture, so I knew one of their dresses would make the cut. Reena’s first pick was this hot pink and gold dress from Ooh La La. The number one reason…the gold sequins. Reena loves sparkle and anything with gold sequins, in addition to the fact that she “just loves the word sequins.” The bow on the dress and gold details on the bright pink skirt were also intriguing. Reena is always looking for a reason to purchase a pair of heels, much to my dismay. She must have these “heels” from Joyfolie which are a nice compromise for mom, I can handle a short heel and she will actually be able to walk in them.

Pick Two

Pick Two

If your daughter is like Reena, she adores everything about Tutu Du Monde. She instantly starts spinning when she steps into a Tutu Du Monde dress, instantly transformed into a magical princess. Every time Reena puts on one of their dresses, she comments on how comfortable it is…crucial for dancing the night away. She was drawn to Tutu Du Monde’s Wonderland Tutu dress from this season, commenting on the “beautiful gems” on the front and the tulle “looking like bows down the front of the dress.” She immediately remembered a crown from DollBaby that she wore for a photo shoot as a perfect accessory. I agree.

Pick Three

Pick Three

Drawn to their whimsical designs, Reena was charmed by several Biscotti dresses. This white and gold dress was her top pick. Again, she leaned toward the gold accents and she knew it would pair perfectly with her favorite Joyfolie shoes already in her closet. Reena also appreciated the dress being “bright” and “flowy” for dancing. She is also a sucker for bell sleeves. I know she will be a happy camper if I bring home a top or dress with bell sleeves. Biscotti Fall Dresses are currently 50% off. This dress is currently available in limited sizes. Don’t worry there are several Biscotti dresses that your special girl will love.

A Special Corsage

Most little girls have watched a big sister, older cousin, or friend head off to prom with a gorgeous corsage on her wrist. Imagine her delight when daddy presents her with her own corsage. I found so many unique ideas on Pinterest, which can be found on our Father Daughter Dance Board. From flower to candy corsages, you will find just the right one for your little princess’s personality.

Corsages for Father Daughter Dances

A Great Theme

Since I am in charge of the decorations for our Father Daughter Dance, I have spent a lot of time looking for festive ideas online. Two years ago we had a princess theme, this year we are having an Under the Sea theme. This was a relatively easy choice for our committee, because we recently had an Under the Sea Bible School. Consequently, we have a spectacular abundance of decorations with this theme, all amazing and FREE. I will be adding some unique touches, including picture backdrops and table decorations. We will be having an ice cream bar, in addition to goldfish and whales in goldfish bowls with fishnet scoops. Here are just a few of the hundreds of ideas I have come across, easily duplicated. Our pet goldfish will even be making an appearance at the dance. LOL.

Under the Sea Dance Theme

A Photo Booth

Dad’s aren’t always the best at capturing memories with photos, so a photo booth is a great addition to a Father Daughter Dance. Have some silly props to make it more fun, capturing giggles and smiles abound. Our church is lucky enough to have access to a professional photo booth, but a DIY photo booth is a great option. Have a volunteer capture moments. We create a Facebook page for our Father Daughter Dance and post the pictures on the page so attenders can easily download pictures from the photo booth and candids from the dance.

photo backdrop


Our church puts on Father/Daughter and Mother/Son events for a reason that we are passionate about – the end of sex trafficking. We currently support Destiny Rescue. Destiny Rescue is non-for-profit organization based in several countries including, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, and India. Millions of children around the world are trapped in a cycle of sexual exploitation with little hope for freedom. Destiny Rescue’s mission is to Rescue, Restore, Protect, and Empower these children. Once a girl is rescued she is restored and protected. After this process is completed she is trained in skills that will enable her to support herself and not fall back into the sex trade industry. It’s not just a hand out, it is a hand up.

FRONT destiny rescue

Last fall, my husband and I were invited to visit a home run by Destiny Rescue in the Dominican Republic. Like most overseas vacation destinations, visitors are often oblivious to the dark underworld of sex trafficking outside the tourist areas. We were invited in and exposed to the most horrendous side of humanity. We have all heard stories of the evil of this world, but there is nothing to prepare you for the trauma and pain these girls have endured. We met a few of the rescued girls and learned their stories from the Destiny Rescue staff.

I will share just one story with no names to protect the identity of the girls. We met two sisters, ages 12 and 14, both had been put into the sex industry by their mom. They were placed into the care of Destiny Rescue by the government because their younger sister, age 9, was murdered and her body was found on the beach. Officials were confident that her mother had trafficked her also. The story broke my heart. It became so real when I met the older sisters. They were just children. I don’t know what I expected, they acted and looked just like my oldest did when she was 12 and 14. They were giggling and wanted my phone for selfies just like any other tweens and teens. BUT, there was a haunting fear and distrust right under the surface. They act out. Why wouldn’t they?! They have been abused and brutalized by family and strangers.

I have so much respect for the battle that Destiny Rescue is fighting on the front lines. Here is a link to their website to find out more about this amazing organization…Destiny Rescue.

If there is a Father Daughter Dance in your area…send our daughter and her father or father-figure. Celebrate the blessing of a father that protects her on a daily basis and shows her what it means to be loved and respected. If there isn’t a Father Daughter Dance near you, organize one through your church or school. Do it for a cause. Protect those children who have no one shielding them from the evil in this world by supporting a great organization, like Destiny Rescue, fighting for the innocent everyday.

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