Fall Shoes Sneak Peek

Shhhhh, come here, let me tell you a secret. We’re gonna have some great new shoes next year from Amiana. Excited? After all, its such a great brand of shoes. Lots of glitz and glamour, they have such great style. And they’re comfortable too! So. Wanna catch a glimpse of the coming Fall’s shoes? Ok, but don’t tell anybody. Here you go:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

What do you think? Don’t you think they’re fabulous? Can’t wait to get your hands on such marvelously purple sequined shoes can you? Keep a look out for them this coming Fall!

In the meantime how about you enjoy some lovely and glamorous shoes from Joyfolie? Dubbed “Dorothy shoes” by our staff, they certainly hold their own against this coming Fall’s purple sequined shoes in the sparkle department. No doubt the little angel would look adorable wearing such shoes with a delightful summer dress. Enjoy! joyfolie-miriam-toddler-shoes-in-glitter-fuchsia-1

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