Every Girl is a Princess, Young and Old

Coming in just a few short weeks, I have the honor to be a part of the wedding party for some very close friends. As the weekend gets closer, I have been finishing my various DIY projects to help with small details. A cute little flower girl headband to match her dress and hair clips for bridesmaids are among the group. One of my absolute favorite crafts yet, I created a special “bride” crown to use as a prop for photos and bridal parties! No matter how old we get, the princess in each of us is sure to adore a handmade crown made with love. With not too much time invested, a handmade crown can really add a finishing touch to any photo shoot. To begin this project I cut out a template with the measurements needed to fit the “bride” appliqué and to fit her head. Then I started using mod podge to attach the larger sections of scrapbook paper. The thin borders help to tie the crown’s different patterns together while hiding any cracks. The finishing touches were simple enough, I added a few gems on the peaks as well as wrapping around the band. I cannot wait to take a few snap shots using this beauty and its soul mate “groom” crown I made to match (don’t worry, its far less girly!).

Share with me any events you think a gorgeous paper crown would be perfect for, and I might just make it!

❤ Katie

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