Elsa Dresses in Honor of Elsa Coming to Once Upon A Time

Elsa Dresses in Honor of Elsa Coming to Once Upon A Time

When I check my email, I normally skip the news updates, but one of today’s featured stories caught my eye. It talked about two things my family loves, the movie Frozen and the TV show Once Upon a Time. Elsa and Anna are coming to Once Upon a Time this season. The story was featured on Yahoo TV and written by Elizabeth Durand Streisand, to read more, click here. Here is a picture of actress, Georgina Haig, as Elsa.

Georgina Haig back in costume as 'Frozen's Elsa on 'Once Upon A Time' set!

Photo by Disney Splash News

If your DVR looks like ours, Once Upon a Time is already set to record new episodes. Because the act love that saves Anna is the love shared between Anna and, her sister, Elsa, my daughters love watching this movie together. I love Once Upon A Time, because of the unexpected twists in beloved stories. Who knew Captain Hook could be a good guy?

To celebrate our excitement about the addition of Elsa and Anna to one of our favorite TV shows, here are a couple of dresses that are Elsa inspired. The little girl in you life will love looking like Elsa These are also great options for Frozen themed birthday parties, which my youngest has already requested for her December birthday.

This icy blue Cach Cach dress with layers of soft flowers would be a cool addition to any princess’s closet and extra cute for an Frozen themed party.

cach cach  girls party dress in blue 1


Ooh La La Couture’s blue special occasion dress is an enchanted fit for any royal event or fun-filled outing with family and friends. The icy blue color and icy silver sparkle would definitely make this dress a must for Elsa.


Add the hit song “Let It Go” and watch your princess spin in delight. If you are looking for dresses for royal engagements or other special occasions, visit us at LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique.



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