Christmas Tradition Spotlight - Bethany

Christmas Tradition Spotlight - Bethany

Do you have any Christmas traditions that you’ve passed down through your family? We thought it would be fun to let our readers know what kind of traditions we have in our families and hopefully if you’re just starting to create traditions we can inspire you a little bit! The first Christmas Tradition Spotlight is from our customer service Representative, Bethany.

“My family has always had a special Christmas family tradition that I can remember doing since I was little. Us 3 kids and mom and dad would always make cutout Christmas cookies using a family recipe passed down from my great grandma. We would cut, bake and frost these unbelievably delicious Christmas cookies.”

Here’s an adorable picture of young Bethany (in red) frosting the cookies with her sister Jessica (in green)

“Then when the cookies were all made we would all sit together and watch them while watching the Christmas classic, White Christmas. We still continue this tradition today even though all of us kids are moved out and starting our own families. It’s something that I love and cherish and will always remember about my childhood.”


Here’s an adorable picture of one of Bethany’s holiday looks from when she was young! We’ve paired it with one of our gorgeous girls designer holiday dresses. This Ooh La La Couture style is what she would pick if she could choose her holiday dress today!

Isn’t it nice to sit back and remember fun times together? That’s definitely something I want my kids to have, great memories of their childhood. Hopefully we’ve inspired you to create some new traditions of your own!

xoxo Cassidy

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