Children of Guatemala

Where to begin…
…just a few short weeks ago, I was bound for the beautiful country of Guatemala. Off to meet a family that had lived less than 20 miles from me, yet had never crossed my path. Its crazy to imagine traveling 1800 miles to meet a family that lived in the next town not too long ago.
The Block family is a typical US family, nine children – two older boys away at college – seven children still in the nest (ranging from age 16 to 2.) Their four oldest children born to them and five were adopted internationally while they still lived in the states. They are a family on a mission:

to provide family, faith, and a future to orphaned children in Guatemala.

I instantly loved each and every one of the Blocks, they are an incredibly warm and inviting family. This friendship is guaranteed to be a long lasting connection.

While in Guatemala, Amy Block took me into the town to visit outdoor venders selling handmade items. These items are simply amazing. Beaded bracelets, backpacks, purses, and so much more. After talking to Amy at the market, I realized LaBella Flora could help raise money to assist the Block family with their mission. I am so excited to share in this venture with all of you! This is the perfect opportunity for you to help care for children in Guatemala and while receiving some awesome hand crafted accessories at the same time! We hope to have everything listed on the website during the beginning of June, keep an eye out!

To find out more about the Block family, check out their blog here.

❀ LaDonna

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