Campus Trends

I have walked across many college campuses recently (only being 21 years old) and there is one thing that is the same in any state, the fashion. All of my piers have tapped into this trendy alternative style of fashion boasting of one of a kind accessories or vintage inspired clothing. No matter what mall you walk through, I garuntee there is at least one store like Forever 21 that reflects this love for new versions of old flare or an indie fashion that creates great appeal. I must admit that I myself am smitten with this trend. One thing is for sure, the accessories you choose certainly define whether your indie trend outfit will stand out or fall flat.
This is one of the many reasons I am so hyped up about the new missions brand we will be offering soon called Friends 4 Hope. From adding color to your wrist to adorning your hip or shoulder, these accessories will be the talk of all your friends. The handmade items come from Guatemala and 100% of the sales go to a wonderful family, the Blocks, to help build their orphanage.

❤ Katie

Photo by Margaret James Photography

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