Back to School Lunches Can Be Easy and Healthy

Back to School Lunches Can Be Easy and Healthy

It’s the time of year when we start to say goodbye to summer and hello to the new school year! Everyone knows that one of the most exciting parts of the school day is lunch time, and even though its difficult to sometimes get your kids to eat healthy foods while they are at school, especially if they are picky eaters! But have no fear, there are tons of easy, healthy school lunch ideas that your little girl will love!

Lunches are always more fun with a little bit of color. This little lunch pictured below is full of sweet and colorful fruits and healthful veggies. I love how the chunks of watermelon are cut into little hearts! Cutting fruit and veggies into fun shapes is easy with little cookie cutters, and it adds a little more fun into her lunch time experience. Using little silicone cupcake molds are perfect for creating kid sized portions
healthy lunches 3If you are a mom that really wants to go all out, here are some sandwiches that will be the hit of the lunch table. All your cutie’s favorite characters and animals and sure to be gobbled up.


Every little girl needs a fun lunch box for her healthy lunch, and Stephen Joseph is the designer of cute lunch boxes and backpacks that your little girl will surely love! This little fox lunch box is my favorite from the collection. I love the little ears and the tail, I think it is so cute! She could be the coolest kid in school when she pairs this cute little lunch box with its matching backpack!

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