A Sense of Community

It’s a truly interesting thing when you think about it, what a community can do. We see communities come together and build successful cities, we watch as communities cheer on their athletes to win trophies, and we join communities to share lives with one another. I have been so blessed with several wonderful communities, at work, at home, and with friends. Last night several girl friends and I sat around and I was reminded of how much we truly do need community. Whether its sharing joys, hurts, or duties, finding a group of people to “do life with” is vastly important. I’m proud to say that at this wonderful girls clothing boutique, we have just that. Whether we help solve a problem for a customer, or just enjoy sitting down to lunch, being a part of this community is great.



Many of our brands are worthy communities of their own. From the lovely Persnickety Clothing to the upcoming Giggle Moon, these top designers are building followers and creating their own little (or not so little) family. With monthly shipments to please dedicated fans, Flowers By Zoe has created their community around their fabulous and trendy clothing. The dress above just recently arrived, and I fell in love immediately. With inspiration from the dolman sleeve fad to the blouson waist, this dress shines in more ways than one!



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