A LaBella Flora Wedding

A LaBella Flora Wedding

A few weeks ago, LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique associate, Holly, got married. All of us at Labella Flora, agree that Holly was an absolutely beautiful bride. Holly is also one of the sweetest young women you will ever meet. Here is one of Holly’s stunning wedding day photos.


When you work at LaBella Flora and you are getting married, the search for a flower girl dress is quite easy. Holly selected Isobella and Chloe’s Creme Brulee Girls Ruffle Dress for her flower girl. Holly’s bridesmaids wore flowing coral chiffon dresses. The soft creme brulee color, empire waistline, and elegant ruffles of the flower girl’s dress complemented the bridal party perfectly.



Here is a few more flower girl dress options for your upcoming wedding.

LePink’s Special Occasion Dress is tailor made for an elegant wedding. The unique texture, waistline of gold and gems, and soft color palette will add a touch of class to your wedding day.

Having an outdoor wedding? Biscotti’s Flower Girl Dress is a must. The light-weight cotton fabric will keep your flower girl cool and comfy on your wedding day. Envision your flower girl walking down the aisle with her handkerchief hemline rustling in the the breeze.


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