A Deceiving Ray of Sunshine

Living in Indiana requires flexibility with weather, and this year has been crazier than usual. The usually chilly March was unseasonably warm bringing early, unexpected blooms and high hopes for the rest of spring. Those expectations were dashed as quickly as they were formed as the beginning of April brought back the cold. Today I traveled to Ohio after work to watch my three young cousins in their evening track meet. As soon as I arrived at the track field I quickly realized I had allowed the sun rays warming my car to deceive me as the bracing cold wind swept through the plains. Wether passing through the day time or cooling off in the evenings, chilly breezes come along with this time of year. Luckily I have a great go-to jacket that is perfect for spring and goes with almost any outfit! Jackets like this are hard to find but they are one of the most valued spring time pieces. My “magic” jacket is a soft leather in a neutral, dark olive green featuring a great fit at my waist and a hood incase it rains. I wouldn’t enjoy spring as much without it!

Looking for the perfect “magic” jacket for her spring closet? Well what kind of designer girls boutique would we be if we didn’t carry at least one?! Vintage inspired designer Persnickety Clothing has created one of my favorite jackets I have ever seen. Seriously, if I could, I would wear this jacket all year long! The Persnickety Taylor Jacket offers an adorable shape and fun print neutral enough to go with anything she wants to wear! Which LaBella Flora outfit would you love to see this jacket top off?


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