A Warm Welcome

After over 10 hours of driving and a one night stay in Saint Louis, MO, we finally arrived to Kansas City! Our time spent there was filled with a ton of fun and, of course, extreme heat. I know I should not be surprised to have warm weather in the middle of summer, but this year seems to have been one heat wave after the next. Little relief has been provided from the rain, but the good news is that your adventerous summer does not have to be abandoned! With sun screen, plenty of water, and the occasional shade, you can still take the kids out to local parks, zoos, or pools. According to the Mayo Clinic staff, the following items can be symptoms to keep an eye out for dehydration:

Dry or sticky mouth

Dry skin

Drowsiness/ being less active than usual


Be safe out in the heat, because summer certainly isn’t over yet! Be sure to check out our collection of designer girls swimwear

and a few of my personal favorite summer time pieces show below:

❤ Katie

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