3 things to pack for Spring Break

There is nothing like going somewhere warm and tropical to relax. Bathing in the sun, floating in the water, it’s practically heaven on earth. However, on the flip side, trying to not only get there, but get prepared and packed for it can be quite stressful. Did I pack my toothbrush? Or more importantly, my bathing suit?! 😯 (My dad was known for forgetting his bathing suit more than once.) Which bathing suit do I want to bring? Heck, which clothes do I want to bring? Because of course, one must look fabulous on one’s trip to the tropics. 😎 You’ll be eating out and taking pictures, of course you and your family need to look your best! 😀 Here are 3 of my suggestion on items you should definitely make sure to bring on your holiday and why its so important you pick the right ones.

1) A swimsuit. Duh, right? 🙄 However, like I mentioned before, it is possible to forget it. And more importantly, you should pick the best swim suit to bring, and make sure your kids do too! The pictures that tend to stick around are usually the ones of people in their swim suits, simply because swimsuits are very unique in their styles and show off the person’s personality. So make sure your family is wearing exactly what you want to see in pictures years from now!


2) A cover-up. Sunbathing is great, yes. However, at some point you’ll want to protect you and your kids from getting sunburns, and simply from getting too much sun, so have your girls where a cover up to protect themselves. And if they’re gonna wear a cover-up, then why not look marvelous? 😉


3) A dress. You don’t typically sunbathe and swim during your entire trip. At some point you and your family are likely to eat out or go shopping. Maybe go someplace tourist-y. 😀 A dress is the perfect thing to wear for such an outing. It’s light and airy, keeping you from getting too hot, and it’s pretty. Most likely, you’ll get a lot of pictures taken at this time too, so make sure to look captivating. 🙂truly-me-orange-neon-girls-dress-with-ruffles-1

Those are the top 3 items I think are important on your trip to the south. So what will you pack for your trip this year? 🙂

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